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Come, meet my Icelandic Horses, and fly with us!


Imported from Iceland, October, 2015.



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Vigri fra Holtsmula, Born 2004, First Prize Stallion, 14 hands.

Sire – Orri fra Pufu – Honorary Prize Stallion

Dam -Vaka fra Arnarholi – Honorary Prize Mare

Friendly, easy horse to handle, fun to ride.

Sorry but we found him a new home. SOLD.


Especially close to my heart:



Hroar fra Ragnheidarstodum, Born 1995, 14 hands, Stallion.

Sire: Frami fra Ragnheidarstodum

Dam: Harpa fra Fellskoti

Hroar is an elegant and sweet horse. He is tall, 14 hands, and very well balanced. He has a long neck, great mane and tail. He chooses tolt easily and has good speed. Hroar trots easily with large ground covering strides. He is often ridden on the trail by novice riders, including children. He will offer all gaits easily but will stay at a quiet speed until pushed forward. We ride him in groups with mares and stable and tack him near mares without any difficulty. He is a perfect gentleman. Hroar is a light chestnut or dark palomino with a gorgeous full silver blonde mane and tail. He is registered in Iceland and here in America. He is standing at stud at Sunland Ranch. Call for price.

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